Our core team

Luke Mines' films about Africa and China have aired on PBS and in festivals from Asia to Europe. He has worked as a cameraman, editor and director, in addition to years of experience in business in China.

Anna Sophie Loewenberg is a filmmaker with over a decade of experience documenting life in China. In 2005, she worked on PBS documentaries, Riding Rails in China and Sketching the Silk Road.

In 2003, her own documentary, China Pirates, about punk rock and pirated media in Beijing, premiered at the San Diego International Asian American Film Festival. She has lectured on Chinese culture at Columbia University, The San Francisco Art Institute, and The University of California at Berkeley.

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Mia Li has been involved in Chinese media for several years as a contributor to City Weekend magazine and Sexy Beijing. She is currently pursuing a masters degree in journalism at BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University). She is a host for Sexy Beijing TV's Hard Hat show. She also works as a translator, researcher and production assistant on Goldmines Film productions.


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